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Ouch! Where's the Wax?

Braces are great for getting the smile that you have always wanted, but even as great as they are they can still be uncomfortable or painful. Although it is uncommon for braces to be painful, this is normally caused by a poking wire or a broken bracket. Orthodontic wax is a great at home fix for this! Here at Thomas Orthodontics we always make sure that our patients are armed with all the tools they will need to get that perfect smile as painless as possible, wax is our number one ally.

Orthodontic wax is not the same wax that you see in a candle, but in fact is made for the sole purpose to help make get a new smile comfortably. Wax is easy to use and can be replaced until your cheeks and gums are use to the braces. If you have a bracket that is rubbing wrong, take out a small pea sized amount, rub the wax in between your index finger and thumb in a circular motion until the wax softens into a ball, place the ball of wax over the bracket that is uncomfortable pushing it on the bracket until it flattens, wear wax as needed until your mouth gets use to your new brackets. If you have a poking wire you can apply wax the same way you would on a new bracket, then call Thomas Orthodontics to have it clipped.

If you ever run out of wax you can always call Thomas Orthodontics and we will make sure that you are taken care of and comfortable through all of your treatment! We treat all of our patients like family and we want to make sure that you are taken care, comfortable, and happy throughout the journey of getting a perfect smile!!


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