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New Age of Appointments

When Thomas Orthodontics opened in 2012 we never would have thought that we would have to see patients virtually from their homes. Over the pass four weeks Thomas Orthodontics has been able to see our Invisalign patients virtually!! We understand that the journey to a new smile is sometimes already long, so we are trying to not make it any longer.

During the virtual appointment Dr. Thomas is able to video conference with the patients, this allows him to take a look at the current Invisalign aligner that they are in, as well as answer any questions. Once Dr. Thomas has determined that the Invisalign aligner is fitting well he can set up a pick up appointment for more aligners! This is a curb side service, the patients never need to leave their car. With the new Invisalign aligners the patient can begin to wear them and keep moving forward with treatment. This is just one way that Thomas Orthodontics has evolved with the Covid-19 shelter in place order, to better help serve our patients!!

We also understand that during these strange time that it may be difficult to keep good oral hygiene, so with every Invisalign aligner pick up we give the patient a goodie bag filled with items to help them keep that smile squeaky clean, and of course there are a lot of fun items in the bag as well! Here are a few photos of Dr. Thomas on a virtual consult, as well as our bags waiting for pick up. We really miss our patients and can't wait to be able to see them again in office, but it is nice to at least be able to check in and talk with them over video!!


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