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It Is Just Toothpaste, Right?

When brushing your teeth have you ever thought of what your toothpaste is doing to help you keep that perfect smile shinning that you have worked so hard to get? Toothpaste is one of the best things you can do to help fight off plaque, bad breathe, and cavities, but not all toothpaste are created equal. Dr. Thomas is always on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology so he suggest that you use toothpaste as high tech as your treatment, Plaque HD toothpaste is the great to keep the perfect smile clean and healthy!!

Plaque HD is made to help you make sure you are brushing you teeth properly by highlighting that spots that have plaque build up and turns it green until it is brushed away. This a great because most plaque is unnoticeable until it is built up on the teeth. Plaque can be dangerous causing inflamed gums, cavities, bad breathe, or heart problems. Make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and that perfect smile that you have worked so hard for!!

Dr. Thomas believes that this is such a great product that he has it in office to try as well as to buy at a discount of half off, only ten dollars a tube! If you would like more information or to buy a tube please text or call the office today!!


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