Yay! You just got your BRACES ON!

Oral Hygiene

One of the most important things you can do is keep your teeth and braces really clean. Your teeth will move faster when they're clean and they will stay white and fresh smelling. You'll also have healthy gums and will look much nicer! Your orthodontic assistant will show you how to brush with braces and give you a special oral hygiene kit to use at home. Never forget the importance of proper brushing. We recomment brushing 3 times a day and flowwing or using your waterpik 1 time your oral hygiene at its best. REMEMBER: You must continue to see your general dentist for regualr dental cleanings during your orthodontic treatment!


Eating may be awkward at first, but you will soon adapt to this. It is very important to eat softer foods that won't harm your delicate braces. Avoid hard foods (raw carrots, nuts, ice cubes, hard candy, etc.) and sticky foods (gum, sticky candy, etc.). We do not recommend biting your nails, chewing on pens, pencils, plastic, or rocks. These foods and items can eaily break or damage your braces and cause you to keep them on longer than originally planned. So, be careful!


Some soreness of the teeth can be expected at certain times during orthodontic treatment. This usually occurs after the braces are initally placed and after adjsutment visits. This soreness may last a few days or so. Everybody is different. If the soreness is severe, take Ibuprofen or acetaminophen according to the manufacturer's instructions under adult supervision.

Your cheeks and lips may also become sore or irritated because they are not used to the braces. You will be given soft wax to be placed over the bands and brackets; this will act as a cushion for the lips and cheeks and allow them to adapt more quickly. (PRO TIP: If you dry the braacket first with tissue, the wax will stick much better to the metal)


Occasionally, you may find that a wire will shift and cause irritation to your lips and cheeks. It is important to look closely at the area to determine the cause of the problem. Often times you can simply bend the wire out of the way with a pencil eraser or another blunt instrument. If this is not possible, place a piece of wax over the sharp area and call MI Smil eJourney Orthodontics.

Bite Changes

You may notice that your teeth are hitting on the braces. This is a common occurrence that will go away as your teeth align.


The length of time between appointments varies, but this can range from 1-12 weeks. All your appointments are important and it is essential that patients arrive on time so that we can accomplish all this is planned for each visit. This will also keep your treatment progressing on schedule.


We would like you to check your braces each day to see if any are loose or broken. This can happen occasionally and we want to know about it. If you notice a bracket that is loose or broken, please call MI Smile Orthodontics right away. Depending upon the urgency, we may need to scheule you right away or you may be seen at a later date. This is true even if your next visit is the following day! Without a call, we may not be able to allow adequate time for replacing broken brackets.