Dr. Thomas

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Thomas graduated from Heritage High School and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, where he earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with distinction in Anthropology/Zoology. He continued his education at the University of Michigan Dental School where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree. After receiving his Master’s degree in Orthodontics (M.S.) from the University of Detroit-Mercy Dental School, Dr. Thomas felt honored to return to his home town to deliver its orthodontic needs.

Dr. Thomas has successfully completed the voluntary, yet highly prestigious American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) written and clinical examinations. Completion of these exams represents the highest level of qualification an orthodontist can attain.

As a practitioner who understands the pace at which technology advances, Dr. Thomas continues his education regularly through participation in meetings, lectures, and hands-on training. It also gives him the opportunity to interact with his peers and learn about different perspectives on treatment modalities. Dr. Thomas bases all treatment decisions on scientifically-based evidence, not bending to what is fashionable or trendy. This ensures that his patients not only receive the highest quality of care, but the most beautiful results as well.

Outside the Office

Dr. Thomas is thrilled to be back in the wonderful community where he grew up. He and his wife Sarah have three wonderful children. In his free time, Dr. Thomas enjoys being with his family, golf, playing basketball, reading, and hiking through our beautiful national parks. He believes in living life to its fullest, spending quality time with his family, and doing his very best at any job he undertakes.

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